• Sofico specializes in software solutions for leasing, fleet management and mobility.

  • Miles is an end-to-end enterprise solution for automotive finance, leasing and fleet mobility management.

  • Miles bridges the gap between B2B and B2C by integrating both business lines in one system.

  • Sofico is a future-oriented company with strong focus on innovation.

  • Miles focuses on delivering the best functionality for the leasing industry.

Software for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management

Car leasing, financing & fleet management softwareAs early as 1988, Sofico launched its first software package (Leasebase). We have been specializing in the needs of automotive and asset finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies ever since. Over the years, Sofico has developed unparalleled business expertise in the leasing and fleet management industry. With Miles software, we provide leading-edge technology and flexible solutions that can manage all the challenges of the modern market.

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