Documentation & Training

Our Documentation team makes sure that our customers have the necessary documentation at their disposal after the implementation and after every new release.

This includes:

  • Extensive Online Help
  • Technical guides
  • Best practices
  • Release notes (general and custom)
  • Release news
  • Data model (updated for every new release)
  • Training guides
  • Screencasts

For training of key users and system administrators, Sofico has a team of dedicated Miles specialist instructors. The following training modules are offered, each aimed at different Miles user roles:

  • Leasing and fleet management training: a brief overview of the leasing and fleet management basics.
  • Miles Functional Training: teaches both key users and end users how to use the software effectively through hands-on training sessions.
  • Miles Configuration Training: aimed at key users to provide them with the necessary skills to configure products and formulas in Miles and configure functionalities in MilesWeb.
  • Miles Technical Training: for IT staff. This training goes into detail about the database model, the database structure, database server installation and Miles Application Management.

We use a 'Train the Trainer' approach for each of these training modules.