Implementation services

The Sofico delivery methodology is solution and business process driven. It is tailored for the implementation of the Miles software package and aims to reduce the overall implementation time. By using a pre-configured Miles set-up as a starting point for implementation, a quick start can be achieved, with a reduced amount of time spent on GAP analysis and requirements gathering.

Miles implementation projects are divided into five phases:

  • The preparation phase
  • The definition phase
  • The implementation phase
  • The SIT and UAT phase
  • Go-live

The preparation phase

During the preparation/initiation phase:

  • The project charter, specifying the project outline (goals, objectives, benefits, key success factors, assumptions, estimated budget/timeline...), project dependencies and project structure is created and approved.
  • Preliminary project organization is being set-up.
  • Workshops are planned and organized for requirement gathering during the next phase: definition phase.

The definition phase

In the definition phase the overall project plan is created. This divides the project into multiple waves, defines milestones, deadlines, deliverables and interdependencies between the waves and other project phases.

Roles, responsibilities, scope, time table, and escalation procedure, all are clearly defined.

The implementation phase

The implementation phase consists of three waves that build up the business life cycle in a logical and chronological order:

  • Quotation and contract creation
  • Contract management
  • End of contract

For each wave, the following steps are completed before the next wave is started:

  • Configuration
  • Enhancement specification and product enhancements
  • Data migration
  • Testing (functional testing and end-to-end testing)
  • Documentation and training
  • Document/report creation

At the end of each wave, all the relevant data, specification changes, custom developments, and configurations are brought together and tested. The result is a production environment set-up that covers the functionalities included in that wave.

Through this approach, mistakes are detected more quickly and the overall implementation time is shortened.

The SIT and UAT phase

The integration of Miles with other systems is tested during the System Integration Testing (SIT) phase.

During the User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the customer tests the functionalities within Miles, as well as the system performance.

Go-live and post Go-live

This final phase includes the actual deployment of Miles and the conversion of the old system to Miles. This is typically done during a weekend, to make sure that users and customers are not affected.


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