Support services

Sofico's Customer Support is the single point of contact for our customers.

There are three levels of support:

  • First Line Helpdesk Support: Questions concerning purely functional issues - follow up by the customer's helpdesk.
  • Second Line Helpdesk Support: Questions concerning configuration and set-up - follow up by Sofico Services.
  • Third Line Support: Issues that require code change - follow up by Sofico development.

Our support staff will be glad to help you with questions regarding:

  • Functional and technical issues
  • General questions
  • Bug reports
  • Enhancement and consulting requests regarding Miles and Miles Web

Support tickets and Customer Change Requests are processed through ITIL-approved processes.

Customer Satisfaction is managed based on Service Level Agreements. The support team provides periodical updates to each customer regarding SLA compliancy.

Besides telephone support, Sofico provides web based support through a personalized Extranet. The Extranet site allows our customers to register their issues, tickets or change requests and follow up on the progress of their projects and tickets.