End-to-end solutions for vehicle leasing, financing, fleet and mobility management with Miles

Sofico's main solution is Miles, an end-to-end enterprise solution for vehicle leasing, financing, fleet and mobility management. Miles covers the full contract life cycle and forms a key component in our customer's application landscape.

Miles offers solutions for different markets and for different kinds of companies. All throughout, it focuses on delivering the best functionality for leasing industry-specific issues and requirements.

What does Miles do?

Miles helps to generate the business

The Miles sales and quotes modules and built-in CRM functionalities enable back-office staff to follow up on leads and quotes, whilst the customer facing front office provides broker access and offers self-service facilities to fleet managers or drivers via either the web or their mobile device.

Miles helps to manage the business

Through the contract management and mobility management modules, Miles processes the initial contracts as well as any contract changes throughout the contract lifetime.

Miles administers the business

All practical matters surrounding the contract and the services included in the contract are handled by the Miles fleet operations module. All finance streams are managed by invoicing & accounting and collections.

Miles renews the business

At the end of the contract the Miles remarketing module takes care of the asset, so you can focus on the next contract. The asset can be added to an internal vehicle pool for reuse on a different contract or sold off through internal or external sales channels.

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