Benefits of Miles fleet management and leasing software system

Miles is a highly flexible, comprehensive software system with many benefits for national and international mobility and fleet management, financing and leasing companies. At Sofico we focus exclusively on this industry. As such, we know your business and its requirements better than anyone and our software is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Some clear examples: Miles can be used online via Miles Web and offers useful options for your end-customers through Miles Mobile. Intelligent business insights can be gathered thanks to Miles BI. But we have many other benefits to offer...

How can your business benefit from Miles?

Miles is highly flexible, efficient and pleasant to work with. As a stable and experienced company, Sofico offers extensive support to Miles users as well as a number of secondary services. In addition, there are numerous specific benefits for your management, IT, operations or finance department.

Would you like to know more about Miles software? Visit our product range page. If you have any questions about our fleet management software system or its benefits, you are welcome to contact us