Benefits of Miles vehicle finance, fleet, mobility & leasing software for financial departments

A business critical system such as the contract management system has to be able to support sophisticated accounting requirements. Both internal requirements for accounting and compliancy and auditing requirements need to be met.

1. Accounting from within Miles

As a comprehensive software system for vehicle finance, lease and fleet management, Miles has an integrated accounting module. This module enables you to do the accounting from within Miles. Miles contains a General Ledger and AP/AR functionality as well as optional sub-ledgers and even auxiliary ledgers which are important for IFRS compliance.

2. Reporting and monitoring

Several financial KPIs can be reported on. Thanks to the cost accounting structure you can monitor costs per cost centre. For consolidated reporting (possibly at group level), your internally used data-mart or data-warehouse can be fed with data extracts from Miles.

3. What if I want to use an external accounting system?

If you prefer an external accounting system, Miles can interface with this. Standard interfaces for SAP and Exact exist. Interfaces to other accounting software can be created.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the benefits of Miles vehicle finance, fleet, mobility & leasing software for the financial industry.