Benefits of Miles vehicle finance, lease & fleet software for IT

Miles vehicle finance, lease & fleet software for the IT industry offers a whole range of benefits.

1. Reducing complexity and inefficiency

IT is a critical department and running a corporate IT network is at the least challenging. Since it is such a complex task you need to manage it smartly and efficiently. There are a number of things we do as a software developer to avoid unnecessary strain on your IT department.

Sofico is committed to helping reduce complexity and inefficiency. As a comprehensive software package for finance, lease and fleet management, Miles is perfectly equipped to do this.

2. Documentation

Our secure extranet site, containing lots of useful information, is just a few clicks away. The site contains extensive Miles documentation. From release highlights to installation guides.

3. On-line help

Miles contains a detailed help module allowing both users and administrators to quickly and easily look up any issue they may have in using or managing Miles from within Miles itself.

4. Training

Sofico uses a ‘train the trainers’ approach. The training is focused on knowledge sharing in order to allow key-users to organize the end-user training sessions. During the functional training, trainees work on realistic cases to assure the training is relevant. Training takes place either at Sofico or at your premises.

5. Release management

We release 2 Miles patches each month. These biweekly patches are used for resolving tickets and fixing bugs. For critical bugs, an emergency patch is deployed.

All our releases are made available through our secure extranet. Each release is accompanied by a thorough installation guide. Sofico issues 2 Miles releases each year. A release is supported for 2 years, requiring our customers to upgrade to the latest release every 4 releases.

Each release is delivered with all the necessary documentation:

  • Release notes
  • Updated Miles Online Help
  • A data model is provided for every new release, but can also be generated by the customer to include every added customer-specific field
  • Configuration documentation for customer-specific development is described in the Change Request created for the enhancement
  • Patch notes
  • Short description of solved tickets
  • Updated guides and overviews

Through our extranet, which acts as a central hub for all documentation and information related to Miles, we assure a smooth experience for CIO’s, admins and help desk staff.