Benefits of Miles fleet and leasing software solutions for management

1. Sofico, a stable and experienced software supplier

As a complex fleet management or leasing company, you need a reliable contract management system. Since 1988, Sofico has been providing highly specialized fleet management and leasing software solutions to customers worldwide. We have been able to build a solid reputation. As such, we can offer long term stability.

Sofico is a privately owned, financially independent company. The 4 shareholders all have an operational role within the company. Our management team is made up of seasoned lease industry veterans with international experience.

2. Swift implementation

Over the years, we have developed a tremendous amount of knowhow. This is, for instance, translated into a swift software implementation process. We can go live quickly and you will be able to use the software immediately and easily yourself.

3. Keeping it cost-efficient

Miles, our software package, is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire contract life cycle, from quoting to settlement and remarketing. The system helps reduce the complexity of the overall IT landscape, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

4. Up-to-date with technology and with your needs

Through a steady release cycle, our solution is kept up-to-date with technology as well as changes in the market and in your specific needs. Sofico reinvests 10% of its annual turnover in Miles in order to assure our technological leadership.

5. Pleasant to work with

Our state-of-the-art user Miles RIA interface increases employee satisfaction. Not just its strong focus on usability, but also its attractive design make a big difference to the daily lives of the back office users.

6. Self-sufficiency

Although Sofico either hosts or manages the Miles application, organisations with a large internal IT department will value self-sufficiency. Miles is a flexible and configurable system. With some training your internal staff can run and manage Miles, with Sofico’s experts available as backup when needed. After training, setting up new users, new work flows, new products or creating new documents and reports can all be handled by internal staff, without any help from Sofico.

7. Business intelligence reporting

For intelligent reporting, Miles has the Miles BI reporting engine. But Miles can also be interfaced with an existing reporting solution such as Crystal reports or Business Objects.

The strategic insight provided by business intelligence from Miles provides vital information that helps you make better decisions.