Benefits of our fleet & lease (hire purchase, contract hire,…) software for operations

Miles is a comprehensive software solution for companies that specialize in fleet management, financing and leasing (from hire purchase to contract hire). As such, it offers a great number of benefits. The benefits for operations include flexibility and efficiency.

1. A modern solution for modern companies

Older legacy software systems are attractive to companies because they are proven and offer great stability. The downside is that over time, as more functionalities are added, they become costly to run and start stifling product innovation. The last thing a business manager wants to hear is that a new product can’t be marketed because the back office system will not be able to manage it.

In contrast, Sofico’s Miles solution provides an answer to these problems offering a low cost of ownership and a short time to market for new products.

2. Product flexibility allows you to achieve your goals quickly

Through the Miles product factory, you can configure different products and product variants easily, without any coding from Sofico’s side. Your administrators or trained key users can add new products or Sofico can provide support for this.

Miles is delivered with preconfiguration that includes a number of common products such as finance leasing, operational leasing, maintenance, fuel management,... During implementation, these are tweaked to match your product setup exactly. Any new products or product variants that need to be created later can be set up and deployed quickly guaranteeing that your business will never be blocked from achieving its goals by system restrictions.

Philipp Spaniol, IT Director at Auto-Interleasing
"The latest release of the Miles software system has been adapted to our exact requirements to be able to develop our new product 'Full Distance' and offer it to our clients. It is this extreme flexibility, allied to the ability of Sofico to refine the product in order to meet the precise needs of its customers, which makes Miles such a formidable and useful system."

3. Efficiency and preventing errors

Miles helps your back office run more efficiently by using work flows to guide the users through your processes, avoiding user errors. With the Miles work flow engine, you can reflect your business processes in Miles and build in checks and warnings. This helps prevent mistakes and avoid having to do the work over.

Our state-of-the-art Miles RIA interface, a thin web client that runs in a browser, has been designed with usability in mind. The screen customization options assure that users always have all relevant data on their screen as they work.

4. Document management for easy communication

The built-in document manager enables you to define a detailed communication strategy with your end-customer. Documents can be sent via post or email, notifications via sms. Through our web front, reports can be made available for viewing on-line. A full history is kept at all time. The document manager also allows you to scan any document and add it to the contract.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about all the benefits of our fleet & lease software (from hire purchase to contract hire).