Miles leasing and fleet management software for international companies

We know the needs of global companies

As a global or international fleet management or leasing company, you have a very specific set of demands when it comes to your software. Especially for company critical systems like the contract management system, a reliable and financially healthy software supplier is crucial. Sofico is a supplier capable of continuously investing into further product development and keeping up with the latest developments.

Our software is technologically up-to-date and flexible. It offers a steady release schedule, multicountry and multicurrency functions as well as screen layout flexibility to name but a few features.

Sofico, a healthy software company

Sofico has been a reliable partner for many companies for 29 years, forging solid long term partnerships with its global customers. Each year, a minimum of 10% of turnover is invested back into our Miles software solution. We keep to a high frequency release schedule of 2 major releases per year and regular biweekly patches.

Miles is a complete software package capable of managing the complex fleet management and leasing activities of large companies. We focus exclusively on the fleet and leasing industry. Miles is our only and highly specialized product. It can be customized to your company-specific needs and to new developments on the market.

Tijmen Mekel, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Athlon Car Lease, about Sofico and Miles
‘Our strategy is to give all our users the same customer experience in every country. This means standardizing our systems to replicate the same processes in every country we operate in. We currently have a number of legacy systems in place in our portfolio. We want to replace these and standardize our processes wherever possible to create efficiencies across the business. Miles is the ideal system to allow us to do this.’

‘Because it is so easily configurable and scalable, we know that Miles can manage our fleet in the Netherlands in exactly the same way that it does our smaller fleets in countries like Spain and Italy. This adaptability is a real benefit and one that not many other systems can deliver.’

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions on leasing and fleet management software in an international environment.