Miles innovative fleet management and leasing software for greenfield lessors

Miles software is perfectly adapted to the leasing, financing, mobility and fleet management industry. It meets the needs of all kinds of customers, both large and small, established and new companies, including greenfield lessors.

Quick access to new markets

Moving into a new market or starting up a new company is a big investment. Using an existing contract management system for such greenfield projects makes strategic sense. Multinational companies branching out into a new country, profit from a unified system landscape across different markets. It assures a harmonized approach and enables aggregated reporting to support strategic business intelligence at a group level. An open and flexible system is needed to assure quick access to a new market.

Miles’ flexibility for market-specific needs

Miles is highly flexible, allowing for a quick entry into a market that may not be known enough to provide detailed requirements beforehand. Through configuration, Miles can be adjusted to match business processes in line with local market business practices. Miles’ connector framework makes integration with market-specific service providers and external systems possible.

In addition, there are 2 major releases per year and biweekly patches. So if certain new market-specific requirements can’t be met through configuration, the system can be expanded with new functionality through these developments.

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