Automobile management software for multimake lessors

Distinguish yourself from the competition

As a highly specialized software solution for automobile financing, leasing and fleet management, Miles helps you to deliver the very best service to your customers. For independent leasing companies or multimake lessors in particular, product differentiation and customer service are often key to distinguishing one’s self from the competition.

Provide the best service with Miles software

Since everyone offers their customers operational management of leasing contracts, providing end-customer solutions in line with the end-customer’s expectations is important. As end-customers and drivers get used to self-service functionalities from other industries (travel, banking...), they expect the same from their lease car provider.

Easy mobile acces

Mobile access to both information and functionalities becomes increasingly important. Through the Miles Web and Miles Mobile technical frameworks, you can meet those expectations and provide on-line and mobile access to dashboards and self-service functionalities.

Miles software is a great asset to every leasing company. Would you like to know more about the automobile management software? Visit our product range page or feel free to contact us.