Miles fleet and mobility management and leasing (contract hire, finance lease,…) software for SME lessors

Miles software meets the needs of different kinds of customers; including SME lessors that specialize in fleet management, financing and leasing (contract hire, finance lease,…). 

A standardized solution keeps costs down

Small and medium sized companies have their own priorities with regards to IT services and the suppliers thereof. A standardized software solution helps to achieve a quick implementation and keep IT overhead down, both of which influence the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Miles standardized software

Miles is offered as a complete standardized software service to small and medium sized enterprises. This includes a web front, standard reports, standard documents such as invoices and letters and standard generic interfaces to a number of external data providers.

Optimized and affordable

A predictable TCO is achieved through a fast track implementation of this standardized Miles solution with minimal customization. Miles is hosted and managed by Sofico, reducing IT overhead for the customer and assuring an optimized and efficiently run system.

To address an SME’s need for a low up-front investment, a rental-based license fee is adopted for the standardized Miles software service.

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