Miles: solutions for modern asset finance, lease, fleet and mobility management

Keeping up with new mobility requirements

The lease market changes continuously. Miles software keeps evolving with the market, in order to make sure we always provide up-to-date solutions for modern asset finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies.

Under impulse of legislation changes and the growing importance of sustainability, major corporate customers have new mobility requirements which can present a challenge to their leasing companies. Some markets are starting to shift from traditional company cars to alternative mobility solutions such as corporate car sharing and mobility budgets for their staff, rather than a personal company car.

Lease companies need to reconsider and extend their product range to meet all their customers’ requirements. This calls for a contract management system that is able to manage these new products and contract types.

Managing alternative services and contracts

Miles manages this thanks to its flexible definition of product & services and a powerful calculation engine. The result is a shift from a car-centric contract to an employee-centric contract which doesn’t necessarily contain an asset.

This enables Miles to manage mobility contracts with a mix of different types of mobility, including company cars, train or bus travel, bikes or scooters, daily and holiday rental, taxi services and car sharing; with the capacity for many more.

Miles also manages pay-per-use pricing schemes. Since a company car, in many cases, will still be part of the package, Miles’ strong asset funding and fleet management capabilities remain important. These are complemented by flexible integration of new mobility services in contracts that are increasingly driver-centric.

Miles can also link an asset-based contract to driver-based services such as cards and subscriptions for public transport, car sharing schemes, bike rental and others. These services can be provisioned for, registered and settled by Miles. Reports on the costs are also available.

With Miles, Sofico plays a crucial role in the back-end integration for mobility package providers, consolidating the increasing number of financial flows related to different mobility services into service packages and budgets, tailored to the companies’ and employees’ needs.

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