Miles as retail car finance software

Some of our customers’ main activity is retail car financing rather than leasing or fleet management. Miles software provides a solid platform for retail finance, which can support broad product ranges aimed at both B2C and B2B customers.

Dealers can use one single point of sale for both their retail and fleet business. Since there is no more need to log in to separate systems, dealer buy-in for selling new or additional fleet products will increase.

Managing your product range

Miles software provides great flexibility in terms of product development. It’s easy to create new retail products which include value added services, such as an optional maintenance component added to a finance or balloon finance contract.

All your customers in 1 database

With all your customers in 1 single database, you can also define and execute 1 unified CRM strategy for all your business streams. You have an overview of your entire customer portfolio, making it possible to detect opportunities for converting retail customers to fleet customers, for example.

Retail-specific functionalities

To make this single consolidated system possible, some retail-specific areas that normally don’t exist in leasing-based systems have been added to Miles: a web-based point of sales module as well as support for dedicated credit scoring and underwriting processes, support for contract payout and of course support for collections and contract settlements. Commission management is available for companies that rely on network brokers or dealers as their route to market.

Reduced costs

Managing 2 portfolios in a separate contract management system means duplicate costs. Managing the entire portfolio of retail and leasing contracts in Miles results in a lower TCO thanks to reduced costs for licensing, support, maintenance and business intelligence. You can create one back office team that handles all contracts through a single application.