Miles as vehicle leasing & rental software

As the ideal software for vehicle leasing and rental, Miles provides an end-to-end solution for the management of a leasing contract from proposal to contract settlement.

Through its flexible product setup, any type of leasing product can be managed in Miles, from a standard finance lease to a full service lease, with various and varying services included.

Managing the entire leasing process efficiently

Miles vehicle leasing and rental software allows for an efficient management of the entire leasing and rental process.
1. Asset management: The Miles asset management module handles your financing and depreciation of the assets.
2. Product management: The Miles product factory contains all products and pricing elements, as well as their formulas for calculation.
3. Accounting: Miles contains an accounting module with general ledger and sub-ledger, as well as AP/AR and direct debit functionality.
4. Financial reporting: Miles also supports parallel postings to specifically created G/L accounts for IFRS or other financial reporting standards.
5. Quoting & sales: Miles has a built-in car configurator which includes option rules and packs (as provided by a car data supplier). It can be made available on-line so prospects, drivers and fleet managers can configure a car and create a quote on-line.
6. Contract management: In addition to financial lease contracts, you can add several services, providing support for operational lease and all its variants. These services are managed by Miles, whether they are outsourced to third parties or not. Contract modifications and recalculations can be done with a full version history of all changes to a contract.
7. End of contract: After the settlement of the contract, the asset is available for reassignment to a new contract or resale via internal or external channels. An interface with an on-line auction website is one of the options.