Miles, complete software for leasing, financing, fleet and mobility management

As a complete solution, Miles supports all complex business processes and activities associated with automotive financing, leasing, fleet and mobility management. At every point in the contract life cycle, the software handles your particular and often unique requirements in terms of work flow, functionality and data exchange with other systems. In other words, it makes your job easier and helps you provide a better service to your customers.

Miles also offers frameworks for mobile use and online use as well as a business intelligence (BI) system.

What does Miles do & how does it work?

Miles offers a number of unique lease industry-specific functionalities:

1. Flexible product range

  • Financial products: finance lease, operating lease, balloon finance, variable payment schedules, revolving credit.
  • Services: self-managed services, third-party services or both. These can of course be combined with financial components to obtain full service lease products.
  • Support for flex matrix products: establishing different mileage/duration prices at the beginning of the contract and allowing for mileage/duration re-positioning throughout the lifetime of the contract at the initial agreed prices.

2. On-board vehicle data
Through an automated interface with a specialized car data provider, Miles imports car data, including option rules and option packs.
This vehicle data powers a built-in car configurator, which is available in the Miles back office, front office (called Miles Web) and also on Miles Mobile.

3. Sophisticated underwriting capabilities

  • Credit scoring through interfaces with an external credit score agency or a score card.
  • Self-funding
  • Third-party funding

4. Contract management

  • Full contract history, which makes unlimited reversibility possible.
  • Mileage-based costing capability.
  • Bulk handling of contracts: bulk contract termination, bulk contract amendments or bulk contract transfers.

5. End of contract

  • Pool settlements
  • Settlement options specific to the various products: automatic, proposal-based, penalty-based, extended.

6. Accounting

  • Analytical follow-up
  • Cost center accounting based on vehicle, contract or customer
  • General ledger accounting, including IFRS support through multiledger postings
  • Asset management with the possibility to apply multiple depreciations per asset for both financial and reporting depreciations

7. Fleet operator requirements

  • Price lists
  • Flexible invoice rules
  • Exceptions reporting

8. Car policy support, capturing the rules and budgets of the different fleet operators

9. Brokerage and commissions in case of indirect sales

10. Third-party service management

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