Miles BI: Leasing, mobility and fleet management reporting, data gathering and insights

As a complete solution for complex fleet management and leasing, Miles is well-equipped to handle your various needs when it comes to reporting and gathering data. Back office users, external users as well as management users can get all the information they need easily thanks to Miles Business Intelligence.

Miles BI for back office users

With Miles BI, back office users are able to efficiently gather data and share it. The Miles selection framework offers end users the possibility to extract data through the Miles user interface. This allows the user to select required fields, add filters to capture an exact data set and then export the results in any of a wide range of commonly used formats (CSV, Excel, etc). Selections that are frequently required can be predefined and made available from a drop down list. All this from within Miles.

Miles BI for external users

External users such as fleet managers or dealer principals want insight into their fleet, quotes, contracts and their drivers’ or sales staff’s behavior.

Dashboards with key fleet data can easily be provided for fleet managers. Through web services, data is extracted from Miles and displayed either on a website or a mobile site. Exception reports are also possible, with a clear list view of all contracts that fall outside the (configurable) boundaries for specific pre-defined parameters.

Miles BI for management

As a contract management system, Miles fulfills several roles. First and foremost, it generates and manages quotations and contracts. It also provides access for external parties such as dealers, brokers or customers via the web or via mobile devices.

Thanks to Miles BI, Miles can also provide business intelligence that improves strategic insight and allows for better decision making by top management. Miles comes with a number of standard internal reports for accounting and audit as well as management reports. In addition, custom reports can be created.

As Michael Velte, Managing Director at Deutsche Leasing AG, puts it:
" We understand our customers better, and gain an insight into our vehicle fleet which simply wasn't there before. This enables us to react to market changes better and to make better business decisions."

Technical information

Embedded reporting engine

Miles is delivered with an embedded reporting tool, the Open Source Jasper Reports. This way, no additional reporting server is needed. Jasper Reports can be used to develop specific tailored reports alongside the standard reports developed by Sofico.

However, Miles also supports a number of commercial external reporting tools:

1. Crystal Report Enterprise
2. Oracle Reports
3. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
4. Business Objects
5. Invenso

Other reporting engines can also be plugged into Miles. The only prerequisite is that the engine provides a Java compatible API.

Data cubes, data mart, data warehouse

Data-cubes, data-marts and data warehouses are very specific in terms of predefined data extraction within the reporting environment. During the implementation of Miles, Sofico can create the required aggregated data to fill an existing corporate data warehouse or to create a new instance.

A reference Miles cube also exists. This is a modular data container with a number of common dimensions like vehicle, customer, contract… and a number of fact tables. This reference Miles cube can then be extended to cover specific custom reporting needs.

Michael Velte, Managing Director Deutsche Leasing AG:
"From our point of view, Miles basically contains its own data warehouse. There is a lot of information that we can take from Miles for analysis at the press of a button, such as profitability analysis at a customer level and contract analysis."

For more information about Miles BI and leasing, mobility & fleet management reporting and data gathering & insights, do not hesitiate to contact us.