Miles Mobile: your leasing, fleet and mobility management software on your mobile device

As people use their mobile services more and more, they start expecting this convenience from all their service providers, including the provider of their company car. The Miles Mobile platform is connected to your Miles software and makes important fleet management and leasing information available to fleet managers and company car drivers.

Uncomplicated modern functionalities

Miles Mobile does not face the excessively expensive challenges of getting an older system to provide modern features. It is a modern platform connected to a modern system (Miles software), that meets the expectations of today’s mobile users.

The Miles Web framework is perfectly suited for bringing Miles functionality to any web-enabled device.

Available on any mobile device

Miles Mobile is a mobile website rather than an application. This makes it platform-independent. Any web-enabled device can access it. If you want to distribute Miles Mobile through the ‘app store’ of a specific platform, it can be wrapped in an app shell.

Create your own driver toolkit app

Sofico offers a Miles Mobile reference implementation as part of its Miles solution. This is a sample implementation, specifically a driver toolkit, which is developed by Sofico and upgraded and extended with each Miles release.

The Miles Mobile reference implementation can be used as a starting point for creating your own Miles Mobile application. You can customize the look and develop new functionality.

What can the driver toolkit do?

The Miles Mobile reference implementation is a driver toolkit which provides the following functionalities to a lease car driver:

  • Contract dashboard (with an overview of the current mileage versus the budgeted mileage, including an end-of-contract mileage forecast)
  • Contract details
  • Technical details of the leased car (vehicle, selected options, consumption, environmental data)
  • An overview of fines
  • A list of accidents with an option to register a new accident or add pictures
  • RRS overview of traffic
  • Speedcams
  • Contacts (fleet manager, road side assistance, tire center,…)
  • Search (for the nearest dealer, repair center, tire center,…)
  • Quotation engine: configure a vehicle and calculate the monthly lease rate

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