Miles Web: web-based leasing , fleet and mobility management software

Using your leasing, mobility and fleet management software over the web is not a problem thanks to Miles Web. Miles Web is a web module (a web-based thin client) that allows you to access your Miles back office system on-line. Since Miles Web is an integral part of Miles, no additional investment for the integration with a web front-end application is needed.

Miles Web enables you, as a leasing company, to meet the fleet manager's expectation of being able to respond to new trends such as dashboards, e-reporting, e-invoicing and self service functionalities.

Miles Web can be customized to bring functionality that is available in the Miles back office to the web.

1 system for on-line and back office users

Web users work in real time on the same database as back office users. By using 1 single database, there is no need to synchronize between 2 different systems. Every object that is created or edited through Miles Web is instantly available in the back office.

Run multiple sites connected to the same back office

Miles allows multiple Miles Web instances (sites) to connect to the same Miles back office. This way, you can set up completely separate Miles Web sites, with a different look, layout and functionality.

Car configurator

Miles Web contains a car configurator that supports option packs, options rules, option inter-dependencies and mutual exclusions, price rules, discount rules, CO2 rules etc., as long as this data is supplied by the car data provider.

Web front functionality for your customers

Miles Web is offered as a reference implementation. This set-up provides sample/reference web front functionality targeted at fleet managers, drivers, dealers or brokers.

Some examples:

  • Relation management (customers, prospects, drivers, sales persons,…)
  • Quoting
  • Order Management
  • Contract management (fleet management & contract follow-up)

Would you like to know more about our web-based leasing, fleet and mobility management software? We’re happy to answer all of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.