Strengths of Miles software for finance/operating lease, financing, fleet & mobility management

Why choose Sofico and Miles?

Miles is a complete software solution for asset finance, leasing and fleet mobility management companies. It supports your different assets, products and contracts, from an operating lease to a service contract. It evolves with your changing needs as well as the latest trends in the market.

An overview of Miles’ most important strengths:

1. We know your business & grow with it

Sofico, the company behind Miles, has 29 years of experience and know-how in software for the fleet and leasing business. We have worked with major local and international companies. We know your industry better than any software developer. We understand your needs and we can provide the solutions.

Miles is scalable, adaptive and flexible. As a result, we can cater for a start-up or a greenfield project as well as large international players.

2. Miles provides an end-to-end solution

Our software manages the entire life cycle of your contracts. Miles integrates a broad range of business services to provide all the functionality required by today's finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies.

3. International capability

Miles is also a 'multi-challenge' program. This is important in a consolidated market, where more and more leasing companies are doing business across national borders. Miles meanwhile has a proven track record in supporting:

  • Multi-business lines: Sofico believes in the convergence of B2B and B2C business streams. This is why Miles is capable of managing both leasing/fleet-based contracts and retail/wholesale contracts in one integrated system with respect for the system-specific requirements of each business line.
  • Multi-company/brand/label: Even when you operate a group of companies or market different brands/labels, Miles can differentiate products, processes and data. It's possible to separate or consolidate aspects of your business, such as credit underwriting or accounting, across companies/labels.
  • Multi-country: Miles has been designed to manage regional differences, satisfying various regulatory or fiscal requirements. Miles can therefore be configured and extended to support your operations in different countries.
  • Multi-language: The entire application can be translated (standard languages provided are English, French, German and Dutch) and Miles can also manage customer reporting for multi-lingual countries and regions.
  • Multi-currency: With Miles you can manage proposals, contracts and invoicing in foreign currencies regardless of the reference currency used in accounting.

4.Leading-edge technology and flexible functionality

Miles is constantly kept up-to-date with the latest developments on the lease market. We keep investing in our product to assure we offer all functionality required in a changing market. In addition, Miles is highly flexible and customizable to your needs, even as they evolve.

  • Flexible product range and pricing setup: The system’s product range can be adapted to your specific needs very quickly. As a result, products can be brought to market quickly, enabling you to respond to new market trends or to set up tactical campaigns and temporary promotions.
  • Car configurator: Miles features a built-in car configurator. Provided car data are interfaced with Miles, support is available for option packs, option rules (inter-dependencies and mutual exclusions), price rules, discount rules, CO2 rules and many more, to guarantee valid car configurations and correct price quotes.
  • Car policy support: Miles can capture the rules and choices of car policies as specified by the fleet operator or lessee and use those rules to guide internal and external users through the quoting process, from vehicle selection and car configuration to selecting the preferred products and service levels.
  • Security: Miles allows for an extensive setup of user roles and related access rights, providing for traceability and auditing.
  • Extendable data model: You can easily customize the Miles data model according to your needs. Custom fields can also be used in reports, workflow etc.
  • Customizable user interface: Screen layouts can be adapted to specific process needs. In line with the flexibility offered by Miles, this type of conifguration does not require coding or involvement from Sofico.
  • Integrated work flow: Miles features embedded work flow capabilities to organize work lists, guide user processes and automate conditional tasks.
  • Integration with external systems: Miles is open to integration with external data suppliers, external systems and/or the customer's own systems. For example accounting suites, vehicle data providers, fuel card providers, scoring/decision-making systems, fines, insurance, road tax, and many others.
  • Platform and database independence: Miles supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS in a 3-tier architecture with IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic application server on Microsoft Windows or Unix platforms. The Miles user interface is browser-based, with RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology providing the rich and interactive user experience of a traditional client yet delivered in a web browser.
  • Scalability: Miles is scalable towards both the number of users and the number of contracts managed. Thanks to this, Miles can meet the customer's need for guaranteed high availability. It also makes it possible to fine-tune the Miles deployment for optimal load balancing.
  • Online presence: Web services make Miles functionality available to a web portal or mobile application. With our Miles Web portal and Miles Mobile implementation, we can give you a head start in the market. All business logic remains the same and data are stored in the central Miles database. There is no need for replication or synchronization between different systems or databases.